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A comprehensive solution for managing all types of accommodations

  • Supports all operational aspects (sales, reception, finance, owner and customer relations)
  • Automatic data exchange with OTA channels (Channel Management)
  • Direct online booking with top-tier user experience
  • Fast analytics for better business decisions
  • Automated communication with guests and owners
  • Automated price and offer optimization processes (Revenue Management)
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Nokumo property management (PMS)


TeamBench is a time tracking software solution that allows users to input data about their time usage. It is primarily intended for recording time spent on work but can be applied wherever and whenever time logging is required

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • User and performance-oriented
  • Allows complete control of user’s time
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Allows for better project management
  • Provides transparency in a workplace
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Addressing and routing made easy

  • Independent of mistakes in addressing
  • Mapping incorrect address data in a correct way
  • A lower number of sorting failures
  • Faster and earlier driver departures from sorting centers
  • Increased delivery quality
  • Preserved and protected address data as a valuable company asset
  • Consequently, after full implementation of InfraRoute, it is expected to directly decrease sorting costs (manual labor) and indirectly decrease delivery costs
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Shipping API

With Shipping API you can create shipments and pick-up orders using the address data you have. You can also validate the shipment data and get information on pricing per shipment.

  • Eliminate the need of using software that is provided by a shipping provider.
  • Minimize the number of undeliverable shipments.
  • Eliminate the standard errors that occur while retyping receiver addresses into software.
  • Make sure these mistakes do not happen with its real-time data transmission and validation
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InfraBilling allows you to automate your invoicing process and handle multiple client accounts on a single platform

  • Develop a custom schedule
  • Easily track which customers have been billed and which have not
  • Produce a more consistent cash flow
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Nokumo revenue management


InfraNS is an enterprise-level system that sends SMS and email notifications to recipients about incoming shipments, notifies shipper when shipments are received by consignee or alert when there has been a shipment delay

  • InfraNS communicates with other IT systems.
  • It offers subscription creation for each customer.
  • Customization of notifications is available within subscriptions.
  • Notification content can be tailored to suit the business needs of customers.
  • InfraNS monitors the entire delivery process.
  • It notifies customers about the progress.
  • It provides complete control over the sending of notifications.
  • Success of notification sending is reviewed.
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Shipping Manager

Shipping Manager offers a Track & Trace functionality to the user for tracking shipments, sending packages, an overview of outgoing and incoming shipments with redirection functionality shipments to alternate addresses, and change of dates of delivery of shipments.

  • Part of the Shipping Manager system.
  • Allows the user to:
    • Find out the current location of their package.
    • Track the delivery stage of their package.

Tracking Options:

  • Users can track shipments using:
    • The unique shipment number provided by the sender.
    • A unique partner number for reference.
    • Tracking Code: A unique identifier in Shipping Manager.

Sending a Package:

  • Users can send shipments through five easy steps:
    1. Enter sender details.
    2. Enter receiver details.
    3. Choose packaging size.
    4. Specify payer for shipping and COD service (sender or receiver).
    5. Review details and send!
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