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Due to the increased surplus of cash, we are looking for colleagues to share it with!

In particular, we are looking for a partner who would be fully involved in the development of our product, which has been available on the market for two years and, as expected, generates a solid number of critical exceptions.

We are looking for a candidate with:

  • at least one year of experience in developing web api systems in .NET (no joke here - at least one year of experience on concrete projects is a prerequisite)
  • knowledge of one of the mainstream frontend JS frameworks (Angular, VueJS, React) - not necessary, but definitely an advantage! Additional plus if you hate javascript.
  • knowledge of relational databases - joins, keys, indexes, isolation levels and other borderline irrelevant nebulae that are not so nebulous to you.

We offer:

  • possibility to choose remote or work from the office
  • paid certification (primarily Microsoft certificates, other as well according to your wishes)
  • credits for the Azure platform that you can use for education/research


  • team buildings, although persistent, are optional
  • working hours are flexible - it is important that the task is completed within the agreed time frame (with the exception of sprint planning and daily meetings, which are mandatory)
  • there is no overtime - they literally don't exist - free time is free time and it is called free for a reason, because it means a period when a person is free.