Shipping manager

Track & Trace


Shipping Manager offers a Track & Trace functionality to the user for tracking shipments, sending packages, an overview of outgoing and incoming shipments with redirection functionality shipments to alternate addresses, and change of dates of delivery of shipments.


Track & Trace

Track & Trace is part of the Shipping Manager system through which the user of the application can:

  • Find out at any time where his package is located
  • In what is the stage of delivery his package is.

The user can track the shipment using:

  • The unique shipment number it receives from the sender
  • By reference using a unique partner number
  • Using a Tracking Code is a unique identifier that can be used to search shipments in Shipping Manager.


Sending a package

The user of the application can send shipments through five easy steps:

  • Entering his details
  • Entering the receivers details
  • Choosing packaging size
  • Choosing whether the sender or the receiver pays for shipping and COD service
  • Review the details and send!


Account administration

The user of the application can administrate his account and:

  • change his details
  • change his password
  • connect his account with Facebook


The user of the application can see all his incoming and outgoing shipments together with information such as shipment number, date, and shipment status. If it is in the process of sending the used email address or telephone number of the recipient, by that reference the shipment will be connected to the recipient and display in outgoing or incoming shipments.


Connect devices

The user of the application can connect their devices such as smartphones and tablets. By connecting a device, the user will receive notifications about the status of their shipments.


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