Shipping API

Seamless integration of senders and delivery companies


With Shipping API you can create shipments and pick-up orders using the address data you have. You can also validate the shipment data and get information on pricing per shipment.

Shipping API will allow you to:

  • Schedule collections and track your shipments in real-time, directly from your system!

Shipping API will:

  • Eliminate the need of using software that is provided by a shipping provider.
  • Minimize the number of undeliverable shipments.
  • Eliminate the standard errors that occur while retyping receiver addresses into software.
  • Make sure these mistakes do not happen with its real-time data transmission and validation

Training your staff to use web applications provided by the shipping provider will become a thing of the past since your business can use only Shipping API for all your shipping needs, saving you time and money!

Every brand wants to stand out from the competition, the Shipping API can help you achieve that with customizable shipping labels. You want your shipping label to be a special size? No problem! Do you want to use your brand's logo on the shipping label? a picture? Shipping API allows you to do all of that.

The Shipping API covers most services provided by the shipping provider such as:

  • Creating shipments and pick-up orders - by submitting address data.
  • Getting pricing information per shipment in local currency.
  • Scheduling of collections and deliveries for a specific time and date.
  • Tracking of shipments in real-time by transmitting shipment information upon request.

For a full list of features, supported shipping services, and descriptions please visit this page where all the features are discussed in depth. Remember, if you think the current list of features does not satisfy your needs you can contact us directly with the desired list of features you would like to see implemented.

If you require more information about the Shipping API, Shipping API's features or future development, feel free to drop us a line any time at

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