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InfraNS is an enterprise-level system that sends SMS and email notifications to recipients about incoming shipments, notifies shipper when shipments are received by consignee or alert when there has been a shipment delay. InfraNS also communicates with other IT systems. InfraNS offers subscription creation for each customer, which allows customization of notifications. The content of the notification within the subscriptions is completely customizable and can be shaped according to the business needs of the customers. InfraNS monitors the entire delivery process and notifies customers, provides complete control over the sending of notifications, and reviews the success of their sending.



Listed below are some of the key InfraNS features such as control panel, event groups, subscriptions, notification settings, and inventory.


The InfraNS control panel allows you to monitor system activity and check the success of sending notifications to customers. It shows an overview of activities on a particular day or an overview of activities in the last 7 days. The control panel displays: messages waiting to be sent, messages delivered on a specific date, undelivered messages on a specific date, delivered messages in the last 7 days, and undelivered messages in the last 7 days.


Event groups are grouped delivery statuses that trigger the notifications. It is possible to create new or modify existing event groups.  Event groups enable complete customization of the communication process with senders and recipients of shipments. Specifically, what notification is going to be sent according to the delivery status.


Subscriptions are custom notifications that are sent to the consignee, the sender of shipments, or any other customer that may want to be involved in the delivery updates. Customers can receive SMS and emails, while JSON / XML files are the way InfraNS communicates with the customer's API (usually the sender's API). InfraNS enables two-way SMS communication. With subscriptions, you can make templates of notification for every step of the delivery process – from pickup all the way to shipment delivery notification.

Subscriptions allow you to customize notifications to senders and consignees according to specific needs. The content of the notification within the subscriptions is completely customizable and can be shaped according to the business needs of the customers.


The notification settings determine how many maximum SMS and email notifications will be sent and what time the notifications will be sent in a 24-hour time period. 


An inventory is a specification that is incorporated into the operation of InfraNS and determines to whom notifications will be sent when one of the shipments receives a certain status. Notifications can be sent by SMS or email to the sender or customer who is interested in monitoring the status of shipments.

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