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We are a small company with great ambitions, which deals with the development of applications for clients in Croatia and abroad, and due to new projects we are looking for reinforcement in our development team in the position: .NET programmer (m / f)



Our team is engaged in the development of business applications and integration solutions in various business domains. We have been on the market for 10 years and we constantly try to keep up with the latest technologies and tools that we apply in the development process. We work leisurely, but responsibly - everyone has the opportunity to manage their time with the only condition that the agreed deadline is met. There are things we don't know

  • We do not know how to work overtime
  • We don’t know how to play football
  • We don’t know how to turn on the computer on the weekends
  • And a lot more…

But enough about us, let’s talk a little about you!



  1. You have work experience in application development. Even if you have no experience, you have the motivation to learn new things in a technical and business domain, your application is welcome no matter what.
  2. You understand OOP well and know how to apply it.
  3. You know how databases work and you know how to use them - you know that the level of isolation has nothing to do with the corona, the rollback is not a somersault, and that the foreign key is definitely not in Switzerland (at least the one we are talking about).
  4. You most likely despise Javascript, but still, have some experience or knowledge about it (knowing Vue or Angular framework is a big plus).



  1. To be correctly and adequately compensated for your services, independently of your level of knowledge
  2. A structured and gradual introduction to the job, and your future colleagues, some of whom have more than 15 years of experience, are always available to help or answer questions you have.
  3. Covered transportation costs, wherever you travel.
  4. Flexible working hours and work from home as desired and needed.
  5. Covered costs of the Microsoft certificate of the first choice, depending on your wishes and affinities.
  6. Maximum friendliness around all issues, both business and private.
  7. Very transparent communication.



If you like what you read and want to contribute your knowledge and spirit to our team, we are waiting for your application until 11/22/2020.

Apply at this link


The final recipient of a financial instrument co-financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development within the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion".
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