.NET developer (m/f)  




We are a small team focused on developing our own product with occasional projects for clients in Croatia and abroad. As we want to have the best product, we need your help in the position:

.NET developer (m/f) 

Who are we

Although the focus is on developing our own SaaS solutions that we are extremely proud of, we are engaged in the development of business applications and integration solutions in various business domains. We have been on the market for over 11 years and always strive to keep up and apply the latest technologies and tools in our production process. We work without stress, with reasonable deadlines and expectations - everyone has the opportunity to manage their time with the only condition that the agreement is met.

Our team

We are a small team of only 15 members of different profiles and levels of experience - from juniors to software architects; some have just begun their engineering career, and some have been doing so for more than 15 years. We emphasize the acquisition and sharing of knowledge so that each member of the development team has access to Pluralsight, and learning time, official certification and personal development during working hours are guaranteed even by contract.


We work almost exclusively with Microsoft technologies. Backend in .NET, and frontend mostly in Vue.js or less often Angular. We use Microsoft Visual Studio and VS Code as tools, although we don't have strict provisions - if you think you can do it faster, more or easier with another tool – go for it. We work with databases in a Microsoft SQL environment. We are methodologically agile, and we run projects, source control and CI / CD pipeline in the Azure DevOps environment.

Place of work

Our headquarters and office space are located in Zagreb in Radnička, but you have the opportunity to choose whether you want to work from home, from the office or from any location.

We expect from ourselves

  • To provide you with adequate and competitive compensation for your contribution
  • To provide you with everything to successfully prepare and pass Microsoft (and other) certificates - and of course we pay for them
  • To be as correct and transparent as possible on all issues related to mutual relations

We expect from you

  • At least one to two years of experience in the development of .NET web applications and experience in working with relational databases.
  • Maximum transparency in communication on all issues related to mutual relations
  • Your advantages are:
    • Experience in one of the Javascript frameworks (Vue.js, Angular, React ()
    • Advanced knowledge of relational databases

In the first month with us...

You will get acquainted with the work environment, projects, colleagues, internal conventions and practices, the Azure DevOps environment, and we will arrange a learning regime tailored to you.

In the first three months, you will work more independently on projects and adopt your first formal knowledge for paid certification.

After six months, you will independently perform all the tasks set before you (and we really make sure that the tasks are appropriate to your knowledge and experience), continue to acquire knowledge, and also share it with younger colleagues.


If you think that we meet your conditions and you think that it would fit into our team, we look forward to your application by 23.05.2022.​

The final recipient of a financial instrument co-financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development within the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion".
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