.NET developer (m/f)  




The company 

We develop, implement and maintain business applications for the logistics, transport, and tourism sectors but we are specialised in complex integrations for enterprise-sized project too. In our ten years on the market, we developed some custom-made products for our clients as well as our own products. We are in the process of launching our own complex SaaS product for the tourism sector, and we have started the long-term development of a complex product in the field of logistics.

We are hiring

.NET developer (m/f) 

Our team

You will be entering a development team consisting of colleagues with different levels of knowledge and experience - from interns, through juniors to software architects - some have just started programming, and some have been doing it for 15 or more years. Teams are divided into product development and service delivery. Each team consists of young professionals who love to learn and their emphasis is on the quality of the work. We stimulate personal growth and professional development - each member of the development team has access to Pluralsight. Time for education is guaranteed even by contract. 

We work from wherever

Our headquarters are located in Zagreb but we give our employees the choice to decide where they want to work from. Some work from the office, some from home, and some from their holiday house. You can choose what works best for you.

Technologies and projects

All our projects are based on the Microsoft tech stack. The main technological determinants of the project are Microsoft .NET Core and Entity Framework, while we mainly work with databases in Microsoft SQL environment. We methodically monitor agile development, and we rely on Microsoft DevOps for support development. 

We expect you to… 

Have good knowledge of OOP and its application in everyday work, understanding of Microsoft .NET standards combined with an engineering approach to work are a winning combination for this job. Because we develop large-scale web applications, we give an advantage to candidates who know how to work with databases and frontend technologies.

Personal income… 

The salary depends on your knowledge and experience. For juniors, it starts from HRK 6,000.00 to HRK 9,000.00 net, while we negotiate with seniors about all employment conditions. In addition to the salary, we pay project bonuses, transportation fees, Christmas bonuses, and other occasional prizes.

This is what your first few months with us will look like… 

In the first month, you will get acquainted with the work environment, projects, colleagues, and the DevOps environment. We will also arrange a learning regime tailored to you.

In the first three months, you will start working on projects more independently. We would expect you to acquire the initial knowledge required for certification as well as being able to complete an entire user story.

In the first six months, we expect significant independence - we expect you to develop a feature that will reach production and hope you decide that Infranet is the right place for you.


If you see yourself in what you have read and want to contribute to our team with your knowledge, send us your CV, we are waiting for your application.

The final recipient of a financial instrument co-financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development within the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion".
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